Fitness for our community leaders

First Responders & Teachers


To Our Tactale Athletes


Today, members of the military, law enforcement and first responders, such as firefighters or paramedics are often described as tacticle athletes because of the physically demanding nature of their jobs. As a result, the field of tacticle strength and conditioning has emerged to provide appropriate excercise and fitness programs to meet the fast-changing nature of these physically demanding jobs.


Our excercise programs for tactical athletes and first responders, address a variety of needs, including mobility, movement, movement efficiency, aerobic capacity and power. Prime Development has the designed the most effective workout program for you! 

Fitness for educators

Education is to the mind, what health is to the body! 

There is a very close tie between good health and good education. At Prime develpment we provide a simplifed guide to healthy eating and workout plans that fits into your busy schedule.

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